Why do you have no self -worth?

When you do have self-worth your actions will stand you tall in life. You wont see love in a man that can never be your true man in the true sense.
Why settle for so little. You deserve better than to be hidden. You deserve the best, why do you give yourself this bad draw in life?
You are a women that does not need a man that is split in two.
You put him first, you are at the whim of him. He rules your heart, and he rules his wife heart too.
Why do this to you?
What is it about you that you put you so low?
Wake up
Wake up and claim your true self, a self that shines in each moment. A self that knows she is worth so much.
You are so much better than to be "The Other Women"

I am my own Women, I stand tall in who I am.
To be
To be of worth
To be of worth to your-self.
Diamond2020 Diamond2020
1 Response Apr 21, 2016

Why are you a *****?

She's not - She's Real!!!!!!