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What can i say,  i never thought i would be the other woman in a million years i would like to share a story and maybe this will help the main woman get it together.

I know we all want to be number one well wake up call your 99% of chance your not.  Since the bible days man have had plenty of women.  When i was wifey and i found out about the other woman i would get so mad i wanted to fight her and him but in the end for what she didnt do me anything and even if she knew about me i still could not get mad but i learn this over time once i myself became the other woman.  i learn that the other had her skills and you know why because she was once wifey also, its like you get a insight was you go to the other side i will give a example

first story

I meet this guy and he we are talking and he tells me he is single however i didnt like him i just wanted this man for gas money and that was it and thats what i only got from him no sex involve people that think small minded anyway this man tell me how he want to eat me and etc i mean just down right nasty but i just ignore him one day i call his phone kinda late to remind him to make sure he give me my gas money for this week.  he picks up the phone and act like he dont know who i am all i can do is laugh until this day its funny anyhow to make a long story short a day later im getting private calls to my cell phone i pic up and omg come to find out he got a gf lol fine i dont care i never liked him like that anyhow so she question me and i decided to be nice and tell her about her so call nasty bf i tell her she need to be carefully because he didnt know me like that and he wanted to go down on me and etc and he dont know if i have anything do you know in the end she kept calling my phone asking me question then i had a flash back when i did the same thing calling the other woman from that day on i gv myself my own word i will never ever call the other woman ( question your man!!!) 

Second Story

I'm with this married man we took a HIV test together he wants to have a kid with me  this man drive 3 hours every other day to see me and you know why ladies because the wifey drive him my way i learn all that fussing and getting on his nerves and accusing him of things when sad part about it he really just might not be cheating you wifey drive him to the other woman.  Your house hold suppose to be a home of peace not of war and thats how the other woman wins.  A man will do what he want no matter what and here is some more advice keep your sex life with some spice some women get lazy and to comfortable.  Have a kid by a man do not keep him either trust me on that one( and no i dont have a kid by choice)  I have also learn that it dont matter with looks either lmao I consider myself to be very pretty i go to school i have my own down to the tee i have been in a magazine and on several flyers and this man i use to date cheated on me with this older heavy set woman (nothing against big woman im only trying to make a point) he claim he was just using her for money and etc but thats another story.  You know i have held someone relationship in my hand and by my choice they remain together after going thru all this it made me wonder have someone in the past held my relationship in thier hand.  Do i like being the other woman hell no sometimes feelings get caught up in the relationship and etc 

i tell you this much being the other woman really put you up on game therefore when you do become wifey you know what not to do if i mis spell any word sorry but im at work and im trying to type this up quick  



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Ok I got to say this lady said the truth after years of experience and that is it the experience is the best teacher I do agree that moaning and nagging wife for Sure sending hubby elsewhere and yes is not about a look ,age or personality at all ,if he feels better somewhere else that about it ,is either he does it Anywhy -bad guys or he doesnot feel good at home and he find it elsewhere.Very simple.

Nothing about this is a good look. There is no punctuation. There is no morals. There are horrible comparisons. And it says more about you than any of the people you are attempting to throw under the bus from your ex to the men you became the other woman to. Go you. *polite golf clap*

You're not looking like a good person from what you've said. First you were cheated on and was hurt by it but you still went on to cheat and cause others the same pain which makes you somewhat of a hypocrite. Second you use your body to help you use a guy for money which is basically the definition of a gold digger/prostitute. Thirdly you're encouraging others to copy you. Not a pretty picture

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been there, he never left her for me.. but as I got older I learnt how to play the game.. no strings attached. no drama.

I have read that few affairs end up as lasting relationships and I totally get that. In order for a relationship to flourish, it has to grow and be nurtured. Unfortunately, affairs have very stringent limitations foisted on them. Two people in love in an affair will never get to exchange presents on Christmas Eve, nor enjoy each other’s kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. They’ll never carve the turkey together on Thanksgiving, nor have the other’s hand to hold during the time of sadness or tragedy such as the funeral of a loved one. They never get to go on a weeklong vacation together and they miss out on those hundreds of little serendipity like moments every day that build lasting memories for two people in love. If an affair lasts long enough, it becomes like the movie, Groundhog Day, every month, ever year is the same after a while. I guess for some people that’s ok, but for the Capricorn, even in romance there must always be growth, or eventually, we get bored and move on.

Wow this is so true and well said. I am in the beginning stages of an affair that is growing into love. We are both married and I didn't mean to end up here. You are sooo right.

He really is

I am speaking from experience. But they really are exciting. The short period of time they last (could be several years, unlike a marriage). The excitement of that short time together, the touchy feely, the wet kisses, the excitement of getting turned on, and the sex escapades, when and where they happen. Because I enjoyed all those encounters, I divorced in 1980, never to Mary again. I still have a lot of fun. I guess I am attracted to "the chase".

What is important in being the "other person" is you protect "you". If You are not getting out of the relationship what "you" want, then it is time to move on. Do not set yourself up for failure.

In the mean time, ENJOY !

No one wins in a situation like this. When I was in a relationship, technically, I still wasn't "number one" because he always cheated on me. You are not "number one" unless he is 100% faithful. I have also been on both sides and I do take responsibility for driving him into someone else's arms. It's not just his fault or my fault or the OW fault. We all played a part in it.

Wow. You sound bitter and cheap. Men go to other woman out of being bored or there trying to recapture some freedom once he has his fill he we always drop you like a bad habit. I don't believe you were ever a wife sorry.


The other woman never WINS anything. Not the title, not the man, not her dignity.

There are only a handful of rare cases, in which case makes what you said true such as the wifey driving the man away. However, if the man doesn't leave her. She still WINS because that means he loves her flaws and all whilst your still the back burner

Ps: I've been on both sides. I was the mistress before to one guy, then became the main one to another who also had a 'mistress'. I never drove him away because like you said, i knew how to play BOTH fields however, she is the dumb one that gets hurt. Its times like this that I'm thankful for my early experiences in relationships. The sad part is, she is older than me and still doesn't GET IT.

I find it hard to believe you think you "won" anything. I'd never want to win a cheating guy. Good luck with that one.

Interesting take on things.............

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