Enough Is Enough...

we are both married..but lonely coz our spouse are far away from us..work commitment & so on..

last nite, we plan to meet up but when i was about to get ready, he called and said he couldn't make it..his wife is on her way to meet him..so i've said..well its okay, no problem...

I was ok at first, went to bed but 5 hours later..here I am..typing my confession in EP..i guess its time for me to put my feet on the ground..

i have to leave him, for good! I can do this anymore..being the other women doesnt make me happy..

gorgeouslove gorgeouslove
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3 Responses Feb 26, 2010

Time to pick up your bootstraps and realize that you aren't anyones' doormat :)

hi ep frens..<br />
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it has been 4 days since he called...well, what else can i say? I dont know how to tell him that we have to go to different directions now..it's killing me knowing that I will never be his girl forever...but I have to leave..sooner or later...

It's a rough road being the other woman. On the other hand being a first woman doesn't make us happy either. At least being the other woman, we can cut the cord any time.