The Other Woman,

I was inlove with this guy, i knew him and he said he loved me from the first time he saw me, which at the time i was 18years old. and for years he said that he has being watching me. he was 6years my junior, tall dark and handsome. i moved to another location, not forgetting i did not know this guy excisted.

As i said i relocated to another part o f town ,and i broke one of my foot, and he passed a day and said hi. i returned the greetings, and we  became friends, as we grew older. our lives moved on  and he got married and i did    the same. his marriage didnot work out as he woud hope. I on the hand was married we started talking again and things grew and we became good. i had a great time spending time with him , he used to pick me up take me for lunchs. he would call me aleast four or five times a day at work and more at night, we had hikes picnic's and went out at nights the  club dancing, i spend hours at his house, and we were realy happy. he would cook meals and invite me over, things were great , the sex was to die for, we did everyithing yu  could think of. when i had to meet him , i could hardly wait, my breath was like it was leaving me. i loved him , i was inloved with him.

After a long long long time , i found out he started calling me less and less. when i would call him he would have some sort of reasons for getting off the phone to quickly, everything we did became less and less, we started arguing alot . I asked if there was someone else he said no, but i knew that it had to be a new woman on the schene that was   making him  reacted like that,  things went on for awhile and it just go worst, the sex was still good, but after wards i would feel disconnected from him i just was not feeling the emotions, and he would look withdrawn, and i would ask him if they was some one els. and the answer was the same/NO. i had come to the reality for myself that someone else had his  interest, and i was hurt, i told myself if he said yes i would leave him alone and move on with my life.

but instead he tex me and tell me lets just be friends, i was hurt, and he stop calling me all together, and when i called he would not answer, the interested part was he got married again and i didn't even know. guess how i found out, we had a get together and happen to be speaking to his sister and he told me  you know my brother hang himself again, i said your brother dead, she  said  no, he got married to some woman older than him. i cryied alot, i grieve over the lost relationship, i was depressed, and it took me one year to nealy get over him. i had too use my gym to get rid of my  anger and pain, today im still not over him completly because i still love him very much, but i am stronger and older,and wiser, and my aim is to love yes but not to trust and love to hard, they is a lot more to tell but just say, i knew to myself for a long time that i was the other woman and just deny  the thought because i loved and hope that things would be the same again. when its gone its gone. my advice other women when ever you think and confirm you are the other woman, make a plan and move on with your life, donot spend hours and months and year in selfpity worring over a man who dont have good sense to know what he has , get a life and move on they are many men out, who would give an arm or a leg to be with you, look for that person. and love yourself more now than ever,they have a saying you never miss the water until the well runs  dry, dont make a,man or a woman run your well of life dry,find and other fountain to drink from. and love, love, love , love yourself. pamper yourself with all the good things of this life , Rememberin you only have one life to live, you dont get a second chance at  this same life, so live , love and be happy.

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I have found that in giving ourselves sexually they loose interest without the chase. It is the thrill of conquering that men love. The harder it is the more they want. So if you really care about a man don't be so available. Guard your hearts like it was your fortune until they are friend or foe. The ideal situation is you fall in love with your best friend and so does he.<br />
A ring brings the circle of trust with the vows. And even after that you must stay on your toes to guard your love from others. Revirginize yourselves.

I have been there....The shoe was on both feet....For I have been the other woman in both ways....<br />
<br />
the other one with a married man.....and the wife of a man with another woman.....<br />
<br />
No matter what....It hurts both ways....But better to be the wife....and have him stay.....that to be the other one where he goes back to his wife

His loss! Move on, many fish in the sea who will see you as the wonderful person you are and want to be with you.