So I am on a website where I can communicate with friends and family. I have been on this website for about three years now. This past summer 08 I went to a picnic and met some new friends so the following day I went online to find them on this website because they were also on there. I found one of the guys that I had met at the picnic on there and started an a conversation, only to find out it wasnt him. So me and this guy began to chat online, we chatted for a few weeks, then moved to the telephone, and at the beginning of July we met. This was my first time ever meeting someone online but our chemistry from the beginning was top besides the fact he is dead georgous...

When we met a local restaurant. When  we first seen each other we both said wow,  I felt like I was in high school again. We hit it off and couldn't stop looking at each other. At the end I gave him a kiss on the cheek and we said our good byes. We talked on the phone every day or email the conversations seemed to be about sex since we both were sexually attracted to each other. So the next week he came over to watch a movie, it was a Saturday afternoon. It was so cute how we both behaved. After the movie we talked and I started to ask the question I ask of every man, Do you have kids? or Were you ever married? (myself i have never been married nor have children yet), He said he had a son, and is seperated and has been for about a year. As soon as he said he had a son my stomach dropped. (I never dated guys with kids because If I ever get involved I want someone to experience the kids part as a first like myself) but then I was completly ok with him having a son. The being seperated part didnt bother me at all. So after that Sat (nothing happened) we hung out maybe twice a week, we would go to lunch in the afternoons or he would come over on a sat afternoon.

I might add his son was in florida with the grandparents til the end of august. So things were ok but during the beginning of August he stopped most communications and it always seem like I was the one putting an effort in to see him. The third week in August we went to lunch and he told me that his wifes mother has diebetes (the mother lives in Cuba) and the wife wanted to move back in to save money and send money down to her mother. Although he said he was already sending money down so he wasnt sure if he would agree to her moving back in. I told him to do whats best for him.

Their story

He told me his son comes first in everything. Second his cars, third women. When him and his wife first got together he said he did everything for her, put toothpaste on the toothbrush JUST EVERYTHING. BUT she didnt do anything, no cooking, cleaning, taking care of her son. He put her through nursing school. When she moved out she just left not only her husband but her son and never really came over to visit him.

So i didnt talk to him from the third week in august til about the third week in october, but on the website that we r friends on he kept an eye on me, ( I know because he told me in october and i could see he was online everytime i posted something) So I started to date this guy at the beginning of October and he and I went up north for a weekend just to hang out with some friends, Well considering I never stopped thinking about the other guy, I had a few drinks and text him how I couldnt stop thinking about him, Well that just opened up our conversation again. I got rid of the other dude cause my mind was soley on the other guy.

So I only saw him once in november and once december, but we talked all the time. (only when he was at work or during the day we txt no phone calls) he was always cancl plans the last minute. So finally two weeks ago I asked him if his wife moved back in and he said yes, well I pissed cause he never told me, and I think he should of. So I deleted him from the website we shared and told him i didnt want to talk to him anymore. He told me he was sorry that he didnt expect to care for me and things werent good at home so maybe if i waited around "who knows"

I have seen him already three times this month and today we are spending time together. I dont know what the hell im doing. I know this man will not leave his wife. I never thought I would ever be in this position in the first place, but my feelings are pretty deep. When we are together things just are so peaceful for the both of us and we just seem to conncect physically and emotionally. I want to just stop talking to him but its hard. Now when I text him he doesnt always respond and I know why. I am always the one to say lets do this or something, if i didnt text him he wouldnt text me, if i didnt make an effort for him to see me, i dont think he would. I never in my life would of met someone online let alone be in a situation where i wait around for some guy. i know his life is based on nothing but lies and i dont want that to be a part of my life. I know everytime he lies to me and I confront him but he tries to be smooth. I am bored right now with life because I am single and just finished up grad school, and i know as soon as a good guy comes around he will be history, but i want to be able to just wash my hands of all this. What do I do? What do you think of my situation??

wildflower66 wildflower66
Feb 20, 2009