Questions: Why do I get upset when he does something for w? For example if we are talking and he tells me he is washing her car or he is cutting the grass; I become angry. However, I don't say I'm angry. I just remind him that I have grass that needs to be cut or my car needs to be washed also. When it snows; he comes over and clean off my car and walkway also. I just don't believe I should have to do these things and he is my man. He never makes a big deal out of it; he just comes over and takes care of it and if the car is dirty, he will say he should be ashamed of himself for letting it get that way.
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Who would want to live like that ? Sounds like you deserve someone better!!

No; it's not a sense of entitlement. It's our relationship. Im a girly girl; very much a lady. I cook for him, wash his clothes, do most of the things that his wife should be doing; but, she does not. He is my man, so just like I do the things that some may consider is a female's, he does the things that can be considered a male's task. We do for one another. I'm only explaining this to you; as you didn't out right attack me, although you were a bit judgmental without knowing the details. So relax don't be so quick to judge geez. Also; why shouldn't I have expectations of him? He says he loves me, he calls me his lady, he refuses to agree for me to date others, and he has expectations of me. Like I; as well as, many others have repeatedly said here no two MM/OW relationships are the same. Please don't judge me. Especially, if you are an OW also. Don't you know how that feels.

Your sense of entitlement is astounding. I understand the hurt that goes along with knowing the man you love is doing something for his wife, but that doesn't give you the right to expect he should do the same for you. You're a capable adult, mow your own grass.