10 years ago I had a male client I was really good friends with. His wife didn't mind if met for a drink. I've told dirty jokes.. Etc to other clients but this was my buddy. I told him about guys I dated he gave me advice etc etc.
Well one night became a extremely drunken night and his wife was out of town. I picked him up at his place and he had to drive back because I was too drunk. (Now one of the thousand of reason I don't drink anymore) and he kissed me and things went from there.
I woke up in their bed and felt awful!!! I rushed out of the house without a goodbye .
We spoke early that day and I told him this could never never happen again. He had a 10 month old son and a beautiful young wife. He agreed.
He still was my client and we acted as if nothing happened. But of course things happened. We started seeing each other on a regular basis. It was like I got caught in this whirl wind of I don't know what happened. I was falling in love with him. But I never wanted him to leave his wife and I knew one day I was going to have to put this to a end.
We had our fun... Went out to expensive restaurants. I was really happy actually. But one day I looked at him as he kissed me goodbye. I said "I can't do this anymore to your family" and broke it off.
I was hurt and he cried.
Then the wife found out and it was horrible.
I don't know if people on this site have feelings for the wife. But if you do, I wanted to kill myself. This poor girl.. At the time only 22 years old he was 13 years older than her about. Had no education, no job, no real normal family... She wanted to leave him and had no where to go. She came to my house and I watched her throw up in my bathroom... I apologized up and down. She called me ugly and horrible names. She would forgive me and then didn't. She called my new job and tried to get me fired. Which came down to telling my new boss what happened and luckily he was understanding. Except later my boss then tried to hit on me and he is married. I shut him down so quick that he didn't know what happened.
10 years later it still haunts me. She did end up leaving him several years later for a girl and became a lesbian. People laugh when I tell the story... See.. She likes chicks anyways and he was the one who was married not you. But I don't see it that way... For all I know her heart was so crushed and she gave up everything for him to stay home with the baby that she said **** men and switched teams. It doesn't matter is was wrong.. Period.. And sleeping with a married man is WRONG.
The stories of she sleeps in the other room.. Or we never have sex... Is not true. It never is don't believe it and it still doesn't matter.
Him and I became back friends after she left her. I realized I was blinded by him. He really was not a good person. He lied about everything... I was going through a rough time and he was there to help. But he wasn't.. He just manipulated me and when I was at my peak of alcoholism he made me worse. He actually even got me to do bathsalts when they were legal and that was horrible. All he was, was a good fun drunk time.. Not a true friend, not a true companion, and not a good person. His ex girlfriend called me one time and the things he did to her were horrible... He had it made with her. What a dumb ***..
Now he is sick with krons disease.. Heard through the grape vine had a small stroke too. I could really care less.. He will being going to hell.
Now I have quit drinking.. I am dating a wonderful man who isn't married and would do the world for me. I cannot believe god or the universe has blessed me with such a great man. His family is wonderful and loves me with all my drinking problems.. And supports me. A family I have always dreamed of.
And now... I have a client that I have been leading on and flirting with the point who I could easily sleep with him... And I almost want it. He is married with kids of course.
But, it stops today... I will NOT go down that path EVER again... I am a kind and giving person.. I do not need to change that to being a home wrecker again no matter how innocent my first story turned out and how I didn't mean for it to happen... Or I drank to much. There is no excuse or reason. It was WRONG. And the guy turned out later after she left him... Not even to be a good friend. Those are the type of people who cheat on their wife.. Not good people.. People you DONT want in your life as a friend or a lover.
Maybe I'll lose business that I need from this client today when I say... I don't want to do this flirting and leading on anymore. But the universe or god.. Will reward me with other and better things...
I hope y'all really read my story and look deep into it. Be a good person... There are other feelings involved then just yours and his....
And no judgement on any of you. If anyone needs to talk just message me.
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Told him.. And he was totally cool about it. Sure he is.. He'll keep trying to get in my pants. He's a pig.