I just found out my MM hinted to his MOM that something is going on between us!!? Whaaaat?? I'm in shock right now.
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His mom 'liked' about thirty of my pictures.. Profile ones and just random one of me and my kids, and MM's kids that I have all over my social media.. Then she messaged me and told me that she heard about me all weekend and she's so glad their whole family ( referring to his wife and kids too) has me because I sound like a great person. And she got detailed and talked about how they were drinking Saturday night and 'just between you and me' she says, he thinks you are just wonderful and so special and he cares about you very much. I hope you keep being a part of their lives.

Anyone that knows me knows I am overthinking this like crazy. I'm at a loss of what to think!! I just said, aw that's so sweet, thank you. Haha! Oh my god what a day.

Wow MM tells his mom he is having an affair, find that hard to believe.

That's not what he told her. He told her I'm 'special' and he cares about me. That's what SHE told me in a message today after going through all my old pictures on a couple different social media pages. Our families are close so I already know her, met her a handful of times but she knows me as just a friend!
Just the things she said I feel she knows way to much and I don't understand why he would do that ..

That's why you don't believe the crap you see on the W's Facebook lol! Xoxo

I'm totally weirded out! Haha I got nothin.

Lol it's exciting though!

I didn't think of it like that.. I suppose it kinda is in a way, except that his mother isn't exactly trustworthy! She's an borderline emotionally abusive alcoholic who I believe is responsible for most of my guys issues in the first place.. But maybe I'm being cynical ;) she's close to his wife so my fear would be that .. Or her telling his sister who is also close to his wife.. She seems to like me as well and I get the feeling already suspects .. but that has no bearing on them being ok with him cheating on the mother of his kids.. I'm just nervous.

I don't think he's going to leave his wife. So he shouldn't have told anyone anything or hinted! In my opinion

Oooooo okay didn't realize he had no exit plan. Hmmm then what WAS he thinking?!

I never know!! Friday night he gave me a big speech about how he is insecure and thinks I'm too good for him and if he didn't focus on his wife she was going to leave him. Honestly i have no idea what's going on in his head.

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