Girlfriends Knicker Wetting ****** Saturday Night!!!!!


My girlfriend and I went out for a meal at our local pub. We always dressed up and my girlfriend was wearing a blue mini skirt and
red lacy thong for underwear. I am a bit excited at any prospect of desperation as it is a big turn on for me. My Gf had ordered and we had a great night, good food and she had 2 large glasses of white wine. Now wine has a tendency to go straight to the bladder, as I have worked out and on this occasion I noticed that my gf had not visited the loo. My gf is quite petit and this adds to my suspicion when I noticed her stomach looked bloated. I started grinning to myself and realised that the wine had gone straight to her head, and bladder!!!!!!

We got in the car and on the way home I reached over while waiting for some traffic lights and started playing with my gfs stomach giving it a bit of a prod and she did not like this and started squirming just as I thought. I was smiling and I think my gf started to realise that I was getting excited. I pulled over in a layby, and slid my hand between her legs and inside her red panties and started to turn her on, she was moaning and complaining that she was going to wet herself, you've got to stop. My gf was enjoying this so much that the inevitable happened and as soon as I pushed my fingers inside her, she started peeing, and peeing. I then climbed over and we had great sex, there and then, we both finished soaking wet covered in **** and other bodily fluids, as we both orgasmed at the same time.

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This was a dream trust me!!!