Living With Autism

  I am the treasuer of a 501c3 organization in Georgetown Ky.   "Living ith Autism in Ky. Inc." Our website is   We provide support and activities for anyone that is affected by autism or any developmental disibility. We have many fundraisers through out the year. We also have a firstgivings page, that is a pretty cool website if you have a cause to raise $ for. I have 7 yr. old twin boy's one of which has autism the other adhd , life is pretty interesting but would not want it any other way. people need to try to understand more about autism and developmental disorders. Autism effects 1 in 94 boy's and 1in 150 children in general and those rates rise every year. What is causing such a epidemic in our children ?? I am firmly convinced that vaccines and enviroment play a big role , I don't think Einstien could convince me any different, by the way they say he had autism.So please don't just asume the next time you see a child acting out in public that it is due to bad parenting, going to wal-mart ect. can be the hardest thing we do all week.                 


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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

I have 2 Autistic sons and I get looks all of the time. They are on opposite ends of the spectrum. I get all kinds of questions from "are you sure he has Autism, Does he feel pain, can you catch it, what about...." I feel that the public needs education on disabilities and differences in general. Also, tact. My sons have their days when they stim or something is not going right. It does not mean that they are "naughty" or doing it because of bad parenting. I sometimes wish that people would stop and think, before speaking, pointing and laughing.
Autism is 1 of the great mysteries and I am blessed to know some great people. As far as I am concerned, they are the way they are supposed to be....Loved!!!! :D