i haven't left the house in over 7 days....the last time i was out, i didn't go anywhere i was needed by anyone....i went to the beach.....alone. god whispered this in my ear as i walking there : come play with me.....but he wasnt there. it was just me. i can't remember who i was talking to. but the hours went by so quickly. i had my labello and my house it didnt feel risky to lay on my back in the middle of that enormous sandpit and give in....a white guy jogged past me and we said hi in that awkward way strangers do. i remember there were dogs. i found a beautiful glass like white stone...somewhere along the way i lost it. a bunch of black boys with a soccer ball were whistling to catch my made me nervous. i prayed they hadn't come that day. they slowly disappeared into the other side of that brown blue land....all those characters on the beach....and me. that was the last day i saw people.....haven't left my room
TheRealMimi TheRealMimi
31-35, F
Mar 9, 2010