My Dad

My grandfather raised me with my grandmother, so he was my dad.  He served in WWII until October of 1945.  He joined the National Guard in 1939, so he was in the Army almost 6 years.  He didn't talk much about it, but I still don't believe he was in actual combat; he just moved around a lot.  I always thought he spent 2 or 3 years in Hawaii, got married, and that was it.  Turns out he was in there about 5 years before he got married, and then almost a full year after.  He was in Hawaii, but also California, Tennessee, Europe, and I have no idea where else.  He ended up with 6 campaign medals and was a machine gun expert and a carbine and pistol sharpshooter.  He stayed there longer than was expected of him, and did more than was expected of him.   He was in the Army Corps of Engineers, the 6th Armored Division, the 627th Tank Destroyers, and then became a member of a Quartermaster Supply Depot before he was honorably discharged.

His brother was killed in action while he was stationed in Hawaii in 1944.  I knew about that, but not much.  I don't think any of this was easy for him, even though he only talked about the good things and made it sound like he enjoyed himself.  But I found a picture of him sitting on the side of a dirt road somewhere, and he is holding his head in his hand, and he looks exhausted.  So I don't think he had as good a time as he let on.  Sure, he played baseball and went sightseeing and to luaus and met some actresses at the USO, but he also dug foxholes and spent nights on guard duty and had to train with a hundred pounds of equipment. 

Even though he never saw combat, he did a lot.  He fixed tanks, he helped supply the soldiers that were in combat, and he had to deal with the sudden loss of his brother. 

I wish I'd known more of this while he was still alive, but he passed away last October.  Since then, I've found a lot of this out, and I am proud of him.
michi4773 michi4773
Aug 16, 2011