My Wife Is A Cuckqueen

Didn't even know what it was until fairly recently. We have been in the lifestyle in Dubai for a number of years so sex with others outside our marriage is nothing new to us. But as it turns out my wife really gets turned on by the idea of me having sex, dating, romancing etc other women. We are currently looking for a women to be a long term girlfriend for me. It has taken me sometime to get used to the idea but we are ready to really explore it now.

My one concern is that I really prefer to spend social time with her and our other friends. She gets jacked thinking about me taking a women out on a date and then taking her home and being intimate with her. Anyway we will see how things go.
dubaiguy07 dubaiguy07
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Hi Dubaiguy, how has this progressed since you posted in Jan 2013? Have you taken if forward? (I'm a bull living in Downtown Dubai)

Wow, your wife is one in a million. She actually gets off on you screwing other women! Reverse cuckolding is bazaar, but hey if it works why not. Personally, I think that if my wife would be willing to take **** and cuckold me then what's the difference in her accepting me dipping mine in a few *******.
Unfortunately western women would go berserk if we did as you suggested. They have this possessive thing going and could not fathom another woman with their man. Conversely they do like the idea of being on the receiving end and accept sexual advances from nice looking men, then share her naughtiness with her husband. It takes a little work to actually cross the line, but once experienced it's hard to stop.
I actually love the feeling of slipping my **** into her *** filled *****. There's no greater sexual high than that. Even better is her making you wait for it and teasing you till you *** in your own panties. Then making you eat her out till you're hard again and take her back. That is what cuckolding is all about.

Not all women are like that! I fully understand my husbands need for variety, although it has taken a while for me to accept that his ******* other women might not be the threat to our relationship I would have thought.

We are still at the early stages. He has recently ****** someone else with my full approval, and while it kills me on the one hand it also blows my mind on the other!