Well Excuseeeeeeeeeeeeee Me

I guess I missed the coronation. Of course I didn't get any friggin' invitation so how was I supposed to know. So now what? we all get to call you your "Higness" or maybe "Oh Great One".

WHAT? No, I will not bow and I sure as hell ain't gonna wear those tights I don't care what you call yourself.

THAT AIN'T RIGHT put that down and stop poking me with it, damn spark hurts. Where did you get a cattle prod anyway?

YOU WOULDN'T, Not in the crotch, stop grinning like that you're scaring me. You zap me there and well that ain't gonna feel good.

OKAY, OKAY Give me the tights now where is the damn dressing room?
humblerider humblerider
56-60, M
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Hmm...a cattle prod ..need to remember that:) lol

Ahh, not you too? Careful where your pointing that thing it has brand new batteries in it

I am always game for new ideas...point and shoot???