There Is Only One Me

I wouldn't know how to be anything else online other than me. I also wouldn't see the point in doing that. I'm not afraid to put myself out here 100% because that's how I am in real life. I'm completely honest with others and with myself. I wear my emotions and my heart on my sleeve for the whole world to see. Those are also the type of people I like being around the most. If something is upsetting you, don't ever feel that you can't tell me. I will always tell you what I honestly think but in a completely non judgmental way. More than anything else, it makes me happy to help others. I need to be doing that on a daily basis. Sometimes I think it's my reason for being on this earth.

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Life is all about changing things up isnt it? :)

So, tell us Bassy... What texture is the ten foot pole exactly? Smooth or Rough?

Stop the presses! - lmao

LOL of course there will be pics. There has to be pics. Oh and the texture thing, I have this gag reflex against certain textures lol.

Well.....I do get the texture thing.

Long live the crumbling oreo cookies with milk and glitter story about how Bassy is the same dude whether on here or sitting across from him at a restaraunt, which I knew already, BTW. What I DIDN'T know was that apparantly he has a 10 foot pole, which FG will be sending me a picture of shortly. lol

Methinks this story now has a life of its own - lol

Seems like that is the way the oreo cookie crumbles, Sooner! lol

I think that if anyone could find a way to put a ten foot pole to good use, FG, it would be you. You are one of the most creative people I know. lol <br />
<br />
If you that pic you better share it girlfriend! ;)

I would say even a ten foot pole would have to be used with expertise to be of any use but if it is shiny it might distract. I think a lot of the folks on this thread are popular, yours truly excluded. ((hugs)) BTW I might have to ask for pixs which is something I never do to back up that 10 foot pole claim. LOL

Dang! You are a popular dude Bassy, my friend. Must have something to do with having a 10 foot pole. Just saying... lol

Hmmm.....this explains why my boring old story suddenly has 500 views - lmao

Greetings with Glitter from your almost impossible to come by friend Bassy ;)<br />
<br />
And what the heck are you blushing for? We were just talking (very innocently, of course) about cookies, and milk, and dunking or dipping, and you have to go and bring up the fact that you have a 10 foot pole.<br />
<br />
Now... I may have cause to speculate on how shiny and sparkly that pole would be coated in glitter, but since it is 10 feet long I think I have to enlist the help of some of my girls, since it would be impossible for any one of us to cover it up completely.

Yep you are right Bassy!

The best way to be SB

Did Sooner say Glitter? I love glitter :)<br />
<br />
In all seriousness this was a great post. I too believe in being the same on and offline. Of course there are parts of my life that are private and I choose not to share with anyone but my friends, like pics and info about my kids. But other than that my personality is the same. I am me, faults and all,

Almost impossible to come by NowSure.

I see. Its all my fault - lol<br />
<br />
Why not. Bring on the glitter too - lmao

You ladies are trouble - lol

Sorry Bassy- you know I could not resist that one :)....


OMG - how did I miss this post.<br />
<br />
10 feet, that what the men in Canada are packing Bassy : )

fish? roooooooooooooooo? silly silly! hehehehehe runs away!

No....I am a bass. Silly puppy :P

rooooooooo? so you a guitar in real life too? wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow! hehehehe

And a Bluebie..... lol

A dainy dipper, Sooner ;)<br />
<br />
You got a ten foot pole Bassy? Gosh.

I can't touch that with a ten foot pole - lol I think you just made me blush.

Anyone got some milk? lol

Here we

Yes. You have no trouble delivering the "peoples elbow" when necessary :)

I am good at bruising you and even kickin' you in the anatomy once in a while if you need it, but I do it with a smile on my face and in a very cute Southern drawl lol. Oh My I just had a flashback to the good old days with sooner fgmmm and bassy all on the same post. ((giggles))

Thats what I look for. I don't need affirmation when I'm doing things right nearly as much as I need friends who are not scared to bruise me when I'm screwing up. I appreciate what it takes to be a friend like that because it always carries the risk that someone might not be strong enough to take the honesty.


I remember this post. You are still adorable in my book.

Awww...thanks. I'm far from perfect. I've messed up many times in my life and I imagine in the future I will again. I just try to learn something from it when I do. I'd like to think that I'm at least in the process of becoming a better person. If not I do have a few friends here who will slam me back to reality - lol

hey BP though this is an old post - two years ago! - just to let u know that it's people like u make the world easier to live :) *hugs*

Thank you Warmth. I strive to help without being judgmental. I enjoy our communication. I find your comments to have much depth and a thoughtful nature to them. I look forward to more.

Keeping it real is easy because that's the only way I know how to do it. I love you girls. Thanks for keeping me smiling.

I have to say that you are most genuine in our RL and EP encounters. You are a great friend BP!!! TY for keeping it real.