Happy Mother's Day Kathryn

I mean it from the bottom of my heart.
I only wished you shared my sentiment.
Held my respects, understood my intentions.

You are right about one thing, I'm a sweet guy...you got that part of me right
I suppose sweet guys aren't a menu favorite

I am not bitter
I am not abusive
I am not a cheat
I am not a drug addict
I am not aiming for drama or hurt

I take the best care of those I can...I guess all this warrants Exing me out of your life

I trust in words like truth and respect.

Why ignore me? Why do you not believe in me?

All I wanted from the beginning was a simple dialogue.
I was Never given that chance, even though you thought that I was given plenty...
I wasn't given what I needed when I needed it Kathryn
and you'll never understand that if you continue to ignore me...

What can you do about that? Seriously, what reasonable thing can you do?
Can you start by perhaps unblocking my cell number please. My email address too would be nice.
I really feel that if you open up lines of discussion with me, I will quietly surprise you for the better.

I am not looking to achieve miracles...

I hold no ill will against you...even nought I feel you've made an extra effort to hurt me,
When in fact I never tried hurting you, ever...
Give me One wish, and I wish no ill will from you


What do you say, open lines with me?

I remember the day things changed in my mind about you
and I wish that I verbalized that to you at the time

You made a comment after seeing
an older couple, a man caring for his wife
And you turned to me and said
"how I wish that i find someone that treats me the way my dad treats my mom"
That's when things changed with how I saw you...
And I thought to myself,
"I can be that type of person...and I can treat you just as good, and if not better if possible"
But, like I said...I never had the chance with you
A week later, you asked out
And it's been downhill ever since

Please unblock me
and please get back to me on this
With either my real number or my real email
Ferric67 Ferric67
36-40, M
1 Response May 13, 2012

This is my email to Kathryn, that I am sending her right now.