A Week Before Memorial Day

What a beautiful Saturday...
The weather is flawless in its beauty and temperament.
The Sky is clear blue...cloudless and marginally breezy. The morning was cool, by mid day it should be considerably warmer.

Welcome to 2012 Long Island Music Festival out in Montauk
Somewhere around One Hundred and Fifty performances!

Wa wa we Woahooo as Borat would say....

Each line set and rested beneath the surface of the calm water isn't fully hooked. My ride has decided to recreationally elope with his 22 year old intern...?
One word!

Seriously, my buddy Joe is disgustingly pathetic when dealing with tragic romance. He is a hopeless romantic, and there is nothing wrong with fantasizing about true love and romance...
But, by making it his first and only mission in life....he will discover failure and disappointment the Vast Majority of the Time...in the meantime, the rest of existance would have passed on by.
This weekend will end, as per time moving forward...and Joe will be left sobbing why a 22 year old will inevitably abandon him and Not stay by his side come Monday...

Nonetheless, I've cast enough lines to find my way a catch for the East End...at the moment...Minus Joe
A) Mary G
She spends every weekend out east. Whether at Southampton, Montauk or Shelter Island. She can always hitch me a ride to the Festival!
B) My life long, manically Depressed (or bi-polar) buddy Steve-O
He lives in Sag Harbor (call him Frog Boy if you must) and I am the only person on the planet he accepts a visit from
C) finally, another equally socially dysfunctional friend Chris D.
He moved back to Baiting Hollow after divorcing his beautiful Mexicana wife in San Diego...his free time is spent behind a monitor, less people to interact with...nonetheless, I am one of the only people he is willing to spend time with!

Three options minus Joe, I'm watching lots of live music this weekend folks...join me if you can or want! It's going to be a great time and enjoy whatever you wish to do, however you choose to spend this gorgeous weekend!

With all my best prayers and wishes
Ferric67 Ferric67
36-40, M
May 19, 2012