Annoys Me So Much!

I know SO many people who use the internet to escape from their real lives (most being stereotypical teenagers who act all punk-rockish online but are timid as a mouse in real life). OK, that's their choice, but I hate when I'm on the receiving end of that kind of "fake" person who you happen to get to know online and then somewhere down the line you find out they're a real jerk, or even worse, you never find out how different they actually are to you compared to the people they interact with in real life. It's fine if you aren't happy with how your life is going, but don't be that "fake" person online. It isn't fair to all the people who are the same no matter where they meet people, online or off!
PeachyDaze PeachyDaze
18-21, F
May 27, 2012