I Fully Admit It...!

Never, have I...in my lifetime willingly gone to a parade and genuinely enjoyed it. I don't know. Maybe because I perceive it as a mindless spectacle of superficialities? Perhaps, I see it as juvenile or infantile?
(don't get me wrong, I am not trying to lessen or cheapen the value of parades for individuals that actually enjoy and/or appreciate them...it's just that they are Not My Cup of Tea).
That all changed just about one year ago.
It was the Saturday immediately after the Summer Solstice 2011
I got off of work by eleven a.m.
Or thereabouts.
I got in my car (which I no longer have)
and I drove west fifty some odd miles and about 20 miles south...
Brooklyn, NY
Coney Island in Brooklyn
to spectate
The 2011 Mermaid Parade

I never thought the Day would Come...
A day in which I would enjoy a parade.

Granted there are elements of THIS parade that increased its entertainment value...
For example....
All these naked women everywhere
(not that I consider myself a voyeur or pervert, but seeing an endless sea of beautiful women decorated in creative art was very pleasing to the Eye)
Drinking in public is endorsed
(What? Drinking in public? How could this be?)...it just is, why look a gift horse in the mouth!
The parade is very crowd friendly and interactive
(huh?) The parade stops every 20 seconds, so the crowd can wander out and "mix'N'mingle" with the "Characters" parading...I must say, quite interesting
Car Show at the End
I think, for the most part Guys like
1) Scantily (un)dressed women (2) Booze (3) Cars

If...you don't believe me,
Please by all means...
Verify what I am saying and
Mermaid Parade 2011
Click on the Images on Google
Trust Me, I won't lie to you!!!
But google this anyways, just to build rapport with me.

Next week...2012 Mermaid Parade,
I'll be there
Stop by and say hello!
Join the fun

This Parade is the the
St. Patrick's Day parade
and the
Village Halloween parade
All rolled into One!
Ferric67 Ferric67
36-40, M
Jun 12, 2012