Take A Look...

I certainly will...
And I will adamantly tell everyone to do so...
So, take note...of what I am about to tell you all...
Pay attention now!
Because, I for one think that it's sooooo Damn Coooool
What we will be able to witness.
Privledged to...

Open your Eyes
And take a good look UP at the evening sky...

During the Night from August 12 to the 13,
People on Earth
Have the opportunity
To Witness
One of the Rarest
Meteor Showers seen through Human Eyes...
During the Night,
Thousands of these falling starts
Can be seen..all the way, up until August 23rd.
But...ideal visibility will be during the night of August 12th....
There is a predicted number of about 100 meteors an hour..

Ferric67 Ferric67
36-40, M
2 Responses Aug 6, 2012

Sounds like a good date night...with the kids! Thanks for sharing. =)

You got it ;-)

sounds greAT (I THINK) thanks for the info.

You are most Welcome!