I can honestly say that what I have been writing about in all my posts, is the truth. And that that person you've met online, is the same person offline.
I'm not some fraud, leading people on for some sadistic fun and games.
I have my own issues, issues that EP has made me bold enough to share with others. Issues I haven't even discussed with my own parents, online OR offline.
I have found many like-minded people here on EP, great people, people way better than I am. But still they find it in their hearts to be my friends. And I am forever grateful and I will try my best to return the favour.
That's me in the picture, playing guitar in my parents living room this summer. My favourite guitar, that I've written about in some of my earlier posts.
I discovered EP by accident, but as far as accidents goes, it was a happy one. I've found a place to share my feelings. I even met someone on EP and fell in love. I've met brave teenagers struggling with issues that makes my heart cry. I've met adults with issues far greater than mine. And yet they all seem to refuse to give up. They refuse to give in to their problems, psychological or medical.
I'm so proud of my friends for hanging in there.
I've always had great empathy for all my offline friends. I've always given more than I've received. I've always treasured music and creativity within the arts. I've always been lonely. And these past 10-11 years I've gradually been sicker, with mental issues.
But I have always struggled alone. And now, with EP, I have found people to talk to. And that is because I'm being who I am online. There is no difference. What you read is what you get.
Skywalker1979 Skywalker1979
36-40, M
Aug 22, 2014