Holy molly - it is true they will say , when and if some one meets me in person and reads about me online - I believe , not bo lieve like the character in WWE at present , that when you apply your self as who you really are , you will get those like your self in response to who you are or what you stated your self to be, you find more true FRIENDS , people you can associate with and get along with as well. There are those who say things who they are not to impress the crowd or grasp the attention - but it wont pay off in the end - you see a liar slips up one day and becomes like alice in wonder land ONE DAY , they just got confused cause they tried over ride who they really are for a fictional personality they are not. Hence why i left my fb details - just to prove that I am who I say I am - to be honest though - I spend more time here now though - the people I have mostly came across so far to date - are all good heart and got a good mind. Think I may move and migrate onto EP LOL, But I am loyal , so will give the Fb ppl my time as well , in time , and I am still considering my self new here - not even a week old yet - so I still need to settle in - don't know why I always take a a lil while before I do and then the whole side of me comes out - but to say things about life and realizations , topics - yea lot's would be coming in TIME!
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I believe in being true to yourself. The logical reasoning would be if you were presenting a false self and others were too then really you are not getting to know each other but just some fictitious characters you or others have created. Seems like a waste of time to me. That's not saying you need to "bare all" to everyone you come across.

Very true! What's that movie with John Cusack again? Identity ? think it would be a scene like that if alot of people pretended lol - well I see no true progress in pretending really , just going to be who I am and what i am about and try best to correct my self along the way in life to things that benefits me best overall.

Stay true to yourself.not many people are who they say they are. I do like EP more than FB too. You dont see phony happy "look how great my life is" pics and posts here! So welcome to EP and I hope you find what you are looking for!

Thanks alot