I Hate Her!!

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss of your sister n your mum at such a young age and in such a short space of time!

My sister has as long as Ive known her been taking some kind of drugs!!

It has always been my fault she has been n drugs she once told me even though she was doing more than weed before i was even a twinkle in my daddy's eye!!!

She doesn't care though at all! She has no idea what she has done to this family!
Once she put her girls through such a terrifying experience as she didn't have enough money to pay her dealers so they turned up at her door n stuck a sawn off shotgun into her belly! her 21 Lil girls were stood behind her! then the dealers took everything worth selling while the kids were being held by another guy!

I had to call the police once as she was having an argument with her mum n i had to break it up so much! she wouldn't leave her alone she was smacked up then! her mum is registered disabled as she has a dodgy hip etc n she was kicking her n punching her knowing full well she could defend herself! so i had to pull her mum to safety while getting pushed!! she then kicked her way through the door n trashed the kitchen! this was with her kids in the living room!!

She blamed everything on me that time as well! it was because i told her daughter off for smacking her Lil brother!!
N she continued to tell the police this!!

Her 4 children were taking off her because she neglected them as she was to busy doing heroin at the time!

So they are now living with my dad n step mum! (her mum n dad) n she has been "trying" for the last 5 years to get off the drugs but a fortnight ago she openly admitted to the social workers that she was still on them n never stopped!n just this week she admitted she was back on meth! so everything everyone tries to do to help her she doesn't care!! she is gonna kill herself one day n i don't really care!

She has made her kids life's a living nightmare n they don't have a clue what is happening one day to the next!
Her eldest daughter has just moved into a mother n baby unit to get away from her as she is too scared to be anywhere near her as while she was pregnant her mum beat her up! i have photos of her growing bump n bruises all over her neck, face, hands etc! n then just days after she gave birth n was back home! my sister called her own daughter a **** n tried to push her over while she was carrying her baby!!!

so i know i seem nasty to say it but i don't care if she dies! she deserves it!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Feb 21, 2007