Is It Crazy?

to marry when your 20 or 21 or to marry after less than a year of dating your marine? sometimes i feel i am the only one on the planet wanting to get married so young to my marine. or everyone around me tells me horrible things about being a military wife. theres so much negativity and im so tired of it. i dont know who or what to believe anymore about being a military wife or girlfriend. i want to know the TRUTH about marrying a marine. i know that i love him and i know i want to be his wife hes my other half. im tired of feeling alone on my desire to marry my marine young. our relationship is awesome for him being deployed i couldnt ask for a better one. and im confident that the next 5 months will also be good. we communicate well and have a lot of trust in each other which is important. the only thing that sucks is obvisuously not being with him but also not having sex haha! but please girls id love to hear(read) your insight and your story i dont know anyone going threw what im going threw. it would be greatly apriecated;)
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i am going threw a deployment right now with him and it SO HARD! i feel very alone my friends/family have no idea how i feel or what im going threw they dont get it what so ever. and they wonder why im craby when ive gone 2 weeks without talking to him. but i hang out with his family so that helps and i have his sweatshirts and t shirts around. but again its tough i find myself crying at times for something stupid. but i think about him coming home and i try to be positive

I don't think you're crazy. You obviously love him. It's funny that you feel like you're the only one who wants to be married young, because I feel like I'm the only one who wants to wait a little while! haha But being a military wife would definitely be hard and stressful, but look at what your husband will be doing: leaving his family every couple years or so for God only knows how long, not knowing if he'll come back and kiss his wife and kids again. Both sides are very stressful, but you have to sacrifice things when you love someone and want to be with them.

I am very much in love with my husband. 21 year old married to a 29 yr old been going on 3 years as of nxt month he is my true love. Follow ur heart do what you believe is best. =)

I am very much in love with my husband. 21 year old married to a 29 yr old been going on 3 years as of nxt month he is my true love. Follow ur heart do what you believe is best. =)

this is my thoughts for what they are worth. I believe in true love. If you two truly love each other then nothing will ever come between you. Just keep each other close and ALWAYS support each other. The rest will fall in place.

your exactly right military men are not most people! its a different world. being with a marine is amazing yes its hard and unpredicable but its a blast and ive never been prouder of a boyfriend. its hard because i always second guess myself and with something this huge im constantly thinking about the pros and cons. but one things for sure hes the one. and hes deployed right now so if you need advice just message me :)

I feel the same way, I'm a little younger (18) and my boyfriend just proposed to me a about a month ago... I get nothing but negativity from my family and friends on how I don't know what i'm getting into and stuff. I've been really lucky so far and i know that because he's finishing up MOS now and his orders for his duty station is only about 2 hours from the place i chose to go to college... down side he deploys in january! And i know the marines can change any of that whenever they want but from my point of view... it will work out if its meant to be (and I love him with all my heart) I want to marry him so bad. Trust me you're not the only one who wants to get married so young. I think that if thats the way you feel you should do it, because no one else knows exactly how you feel, only you do.. so they can't possibly decide whats best for you and your marine. My dad keeps saying if you asked most people they would tell you to wait to get married. Every time he says this to me I have this overwhelming urge to scream at him .. People who are in relationships with military are not most people!!! ... <br />
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So i would say just follow your heart and if you think that's what is best for you and your marine, go for it! <br />
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