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I've been dumped for being to nice, i have been used, beaten and broken. And yet im still an overoptimist. Still belive that theres stilll some good left in this crazy world. I like taking care of people.. my one goal in life is to be a influential in one persons life..

Through all the hurt and heartbreak and liars i always had my one best friend who always was there who after nearly missing out chance not once but twice god granted is a third chance to see eachother. And even thought our whole relationship has been long distance.. since he already left for germany once we realized we likeed eachother... haha I wouldnt change a min of it.

Right now hes deployed in afghanistan. hes been thers just over month bout 8 weeks. And for some reason my friend here dont seem to understand how bad i miss him so much. That its lik i dont feel whole with out him. They dont understand how big getting a one lined text is. I dont blame them.. you really cant understand unless your in the situations it just fustrating sometimes not havin anyone to talk to at time.

Well i have 26 weeks til he come home for r&r haha we are 1/4 way there since i have started my little count down... at times... times just seems to stand still i feel like... but everyone else is moving really fast and im just stuck in the same place i dont knwo i cant explain it. but anyway im always here to talk if anyone want to or need someone to talk to im always willing to listen :-)


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that the one you love so mauch makes it home untouched..................................................................................

yeah i know exactly what you mean, even though ive known my man for over a year we have been best friend we didnt start dating til he left for germany where hes stationed and then he deployed haha.. so our relationship have been long distance for 100 % of the time. lol I cant wait til for R&R haha he called it our christman in july hah

Military relationships are different from any other kind. It's a constant battle, a constant worry, and a constant longing. These relationships force you to grow up faster then you ever thought possible. To make decisions you never wanted to make, and to constantly push yourself and your abilities. <br />
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Being in a relationship with a soldier isn't a normal long distance relationship, especially while your soldier is deployed. I can't just pick up my cell and send him a text or a call when I'm thinking about him. I'm always carrying around my phone waiting and hoping to hear he's safe, never knowing when that phone call will come, or even when it does, if we'll be able to chat for more than a couple of minutes. Our entire relationships are based on trust, and a emotion we both share.<br />
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99% of my soldier and I's relationship has been long distance, weather it be from one USA coast to the next, or the entire world away. It takes a strong independent woman to hold up on her own while her soldier is away.<br />
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I hate to separate us off into different groups "military girlfriends/boyfriends" , "civillan relationships",<br />
"deployed relationships", "military spouses".... in some ways, we are all very the same, but in most we are very different. This makes it rough to talk to our "civilian friends". It's sad but true. Being in a deployed relationship is a state of constant worry that is impossible to grasp until you've done it.<br />
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I'm always here if you need someone to rant at, or chat. I'm thankful to know there are others going through the same situation. Safety in numbers.<br />
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All my best to you and your soldier over these holidays. R&R will be here before we know it =)<br />