Wife Of A

its been little over sents we moved out from mother in law h ell,

how do you treat someone thats done nothing but mean and hateful 'stuff

to you and now that we are out of her house she acts like nothings ever happend

read my i hate my mother in law storys or hurtatworks blogs to read all what shes

done . i just dont know how to treat her or even how to really act around her she wont appligies

but i feel pressure to smile smile smile, act like one big loving family . when all shes done

and wont ever say iam sorry , i guess its too much to ask of her . i put on a fake smile

todays her birthday oh wonedferful , some times i think he ask to much of me to go see her .

i just love mothers day to have to celabrate with her iam a mom too i feel like

sents she only gets a cake shes the only mother i would love to get a cake put my name on it

my sister in laws name on it too. oh well iam thinking out loud again . so i will s uck it up and smile

smile smile smile . she wont say she sorry but she acts like nothing ever happend

i dont know what planet shes on but shes in space all by her self thank god i dont have to

see her ever sunday like we used to. or every day . it makes me feel sick . oh well iam going to church

today . update things are so much better in my life march 8,2010

i feel diffrently about my mother in law ive seen the very worst in her and ive seen the

best in her but after  alls said in done shes only human and ive have

forgiven her for every thing . ive prayed to ask god to help me understand her and he has

iam a better person today becalse of gods love grace and his help. i will always pray for

my mother in law.

lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
Feb 24, 2010