This group was fun, I just had to join haha =P
peanlo peanlo
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Hahaha sure thang, Rawr xD

don't forget slow like a sloth peanip!


Shucks :P

*chuckles* I would ^^

*his eyes roll up as high in his head as they can to try and see her behind him* . . . I wonder if anyone would notice if I did?

Aawwwww poor theo *pats back*

I wanna join the group! . . . you girls are so unfairly lucky. :(

Yes, Tuva? Any thoughts you'd like to share on the matter? =P

Ummm...who...me? Nah...there is rarely anything in my head to begin with...

Wrong; there's a LOT of (weird) stuff going on in your head xD

Sister, you have NO idea...

...hoolahoop cowboy pickles.

Eh...I guess...maybe...<br />
<br />

*giggles* niiiice



*crash-tackle-hugs* You two!!! Are AWESOME!!!!!!

Yes! Peanlo is the Sweetest And Nicest And Cutest And Most Adorable And Most Lovely And Friendliest And Most Kissable And Nicest Girl You Will Ever Meet! :D

Aaawwwww!!!!! =D Same goes for YOU!!!