I'm the Best!

For all the boys in the world? Maybe I'm not really the nicest, warmest, cutest, sweetest girl and maybe I don't have a prefect body, without any fat, with the best **** and the nicest *** you have ever seen..... But it is up to you to make me feel like that!!!!

So whenever again a woman asks you, "do I look good"you will say YES and if we say "I look fat" you will say No you look good!


linda linda
26-30, F
9 Responses Oct 31, 2006

I agree w/u. building up a woman goes a long way in a relationship.

Fat only makes a cute girl even sexier!There is NO such thing as too much fat on a girl!

No, I just don't accept that someone else has a different opinion...


Well, if one is in deep love, the target of that affection will be the most perfect person one have seen!<br />
So, whoever you are, you are beautiful, and probably also THE MOST beautiful in the world for some people!

Boys r sooooooooooooo crazy!1Day A boy likes u than the next day they dont.....What I'm trying 2 say we'er pretty in your own way,Boys dont like u theres some1 eles in store for u take my advice Boys are soooo crazy they dont even know what 2 like or love....

Yes, we want men that honestly tell you that you are the best! (even if you know better...)

Note to men: Take the advice! It keeps you from sleeping on the couch... ALONE!!