I Think I Cute Some People Call Me Ugly But I'm Not

I have feelings people!People Make fun of me call me Fat,Ugly,Dum and know it all...I dont know how 2 make them stop.....Could some 1 give me Advice

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If people called you gorgeous and funny and sweet...<br />
would you get all stuck up?<br />
<br />
Really, you can't relate who you are to those that mock you, OR those who praise you.<br />
The truth - is somewhere in the middle. <br />
<br />
The hardest part of growing up isn't learning to ignore others - it's learning to identify your own mistakes and correcting them.<br />
<br />
After that - the critics will seem much less harsh, and those who praise you might not seem so honest and sweet....

All that matters is how you perceive yourself so thats great if you won't let their opinion have much influence on you. Even if you are told that you are beautiful ten times a day you shouldn't let that get to your head either. It's natural that people have different taste and opinion beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Prepare yourself for future encounters with people who may or may not lay positive judgments upon you, rejection too is part of life.

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*** would be pointless for a plum blossom to try to remake itself as a cherry blossom, no matter how deeply the plum yearns to do so. The plum is happiest when it blooms as itself in full glory. How much of the color and wonder of life would be lost if it weren't for our differences. <br />
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truth is im not gonna end up reading peoples comment so i might be repeating... but you shoudlnt listening to what anyone is saying..AT ALL<br />
if you know that your not Fat, Ugly, or dumb then thats all the matters. you dont live to meet thier standards<br />
<br />
so what if they are your close friends, so what if it makes you feel bad...all you have to do is just not care and accept what is happening. the more you care the more depressed you are going to get.<br />
<br />
if you tell them to stop, it doesnt change anything... knowing that they are still calling you fat or ugly in thier mind is still enoguh to hurt you.<br />
<br />
i mean i knwo its hard to stop thinknig about it. but just think that your not the worst and we are all better in certain ways. and who ever is calling you all that isnt that perfect too.<br />
<br />
you dont have to prove yourself to them or prove them wrong, becuase then they win. they get what they want and you end up feeling liek you wasted your time on trying. i might be sounding harsh and im not sure if i am. but to me i would just ignore everythnig they say and pretend it never happened. but thats me we all work out our problems differntly :(

Do something amazing.<br />
Let the others appreciate you.<br />
Try to offer your help to those who laugh at u.(whatever u want or no)Be friendly.<br />
something amazing will happen soon if u do not react to those mindless words.<br />
Be nice anyway.If u think u cute,then,people just don't clear about that.So,give them a chance to know u~

there is so much more to life than looks. though you wouldn't know it if you live an active life in a western society. i feel for you, I am often worried about how I "look to others" but i've never experienced name calling as such. people who treat you to such abuse are often hiding some major insecurity and mindfighters right, it's a basic and pathetic way to make themselves feel better. Be proud of the fact that you don't act to others in kind and if you are in school, know that these people won't react well if you feel confident to smile at them next time they say something. I know it sounds bizarre but think what would you do if you called someone something and all they did was smile back. might be worth a try.

Hey, don't worry about it. They are just trying to hurt you so that they can feel above you. This world is driven by ego now a days and you have to just accept it. Talking to others like you are doing now is good. You get support for all the crap you have to put up with. They are just scared they are being left behind in terms of popularity so they do what they can and try to be above as many people as they can. I blame media for setting too high of a standard. Just ignore them believe that you are beautiful and come here and get all your problems out in the open.