Go Ahead

Try me. :) I really am. Lol. So I like to think anyway.
PrettyOldSoul PrettyOldSoul
46-50, F
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If you are, then we better be friends haha.

Tell me why you are all those thing! :)

s,,,,, Things, (that's plural love). Tell you why? Well, I say why is irrelevant, I just am. Shall I prove it? lol

Your stupid nobody likes you

Well that was a peaceful fragment. My stupid what? I like me. That's all that matters. Try to have a Better day. It's early. :)


I will. No worries.

What the fuq old child molester hope of my ****

Do I detect a trace of jealousy here from unrequited love?

I'm not exactly sure what the young gentleman is trying to convey.??? Your guess is a good as mine. :)

U seem nice

Thank you Tony, I'd like to think I am. But I do have my limits just as everyone else does, lol

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I feel exactly the same way about myself! ;)

I really like this topic, makes a change from those saying they are ugly, anything to cheer up my day is a bonus.

Does the "Heart" mean we are going to be friends?

Sure, if you like.:)

U sound like such a down to earth person, wish everyone was like u!!

If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.lol A bit of grandparents humor..

I am down to earth btw. for now.

I can tell.

hey where u

Aww hugs and hugs Pretty-one!! ♥

You TOTALLY are!! ♥

Awww... Thank you most beautiful soul of mine. :)