I Made A St8 Guy Fall For Me

so i was walking with my boyfriend in a park and he said that he has a friend, for who a guy would turn gay so i was like i can do that.
so he was like ' yeah, lets see how you get that guy to talk to u + wink at u 'i was like ok. wait and watch.
so i winked at that hot guy and send a fly kiss and he winked back i was shocked, i seriously did not know this would happen he was like that guy is st8. so i asked how do u know he replyed that my friend's big brother's friend's small brrother. i was like oh no.
so that guy came up to me and said ' your the sexyest person i have ever seen' i pointed at my boyfriend and said this is my friend dave and i am johnny. my bf jumped in and said i am his BOYFRIEND not his friend. so i said i have to go to the toilet, u both carry on talking i would join in a min.
i texted my bf and told him i am waiting for him in the car.
he came to the car after 5 mins and we came back home.
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4 Responses Sep 5, 2012

If I were straight I would fall for you!

that guy was gay, just like you were scared his big brother would kick your *** he is scared of his brother kicking his. shame on both of you. you led the kid on and ran from him.

hey ! i am that straight guy... and it wasn't fair... you being all cute like that... i didn't stand a chance! ;-)) respect, from robbie

aw...... :-((

You made that str8 guy's day, trust me :)

A lot of str8 guys love it because a kiss complement boosts their ego and as well know, there aint nothing bigger than a str8 guy's ego hehe.

Besides, as he gave the response he did and if I was str8; I would have blue toothed my number with a message that read 'call me' especially if I'd said "you are the sexiest person....." It showed he liked you and he was interested, possibly curious, but have you asked your b/f what they talked about when you left?

A good b/f would warn him off of course, but if you ever see him again; chat to him. He will appreciate it, even if he would just like to a m8 or a friend. Maybe he's decided he's bi and could do with friends to help him come out :)

How do you blue tooth a number??...thats soo cool...can I do it on my iPhone?