That's Me!

and I am still single, lol
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that's what makes life so much fun its all the games in life.

Do you live on a desert island? Someone as sweet and pretty like you won't be single long.<br />
<br />

well I've had a few glasses of wine so I think everyone should be sssssspanked ! but not me, I'm off to bed. <br />
<br />

First of all, I want to declare my availability to all the sweet, nice, cute, adorable, lively, friendly, nice and totally kissable women in this group.<br />
<br />
But my point is, I could use those words (except "woman") to describe myself, but it does no good. Where do the smart, compassionate, handsome, amusing, kind, cool and totally and utterly cuddly guys go to find you all? Just never been able to figure it out (and frankly, I'm not good with people in person, but even if I was I still wouldn't know where to find someone). you need a tiara with that, or is genuflecting as you pass doing enough honor to your perfection?

I think the outspoken get married faster because they find a guy they can controll then pretty much tell him marry me or I'm gone!<br />
I would never, ever, be able to love a woman like that. I as well don't believe in the guy being like that either.<br />
Nice is awsome with one thing in mind. Nice does not mean you don't stick up for yourself when you really don't want to do something. <br />
You can be a very nice, courteous, layed back kind of person (talking about attitude) without geting walked all over.<br />
PLEASE don't change if you're the nice type. It may just be that the nice girls are smart enough not to jump into a bad marriage. It's called selective choice, not force a week person to do as I desire choice. <br />
I think the world could do better with patience and understanding all be it with guide lines rather than I'm going to say what I want when I want to. <br />
I find that it's the nice Woman who actualy have done most the growing up and have the most romantic hearts. <br />
But hey folks...... just my opinion!

Preformed Automoton I really like the way you think! I just happen to agree with Emerald on this. B!tchy women tend to marry quicker! I think it is the entitlement factor or something. Any thoughts Jinx?

Siddler, I totally agree! and swagonwheels...thank you! I am a very sweet person, a people pleaser, but at the same time I am independent with my own views, philosophies, etc. I am naieve, but that's me, I just see the best in people.

Bad Emerald, Bad girl...I don't think a woman being bitchy is ever attractive...edgy or aggressive yes, talkative, active, sarcastic, yes, but straight up rude and bitchy I say no...I love nice girls who are also independent and like to speak their mind

I know,the same for me!

ikr everyone always asks why i don't have a boyfriend because i of all people should have one. It sucks and lost of boys who like me won't talk to me

And the title explains why you're single! lol. Buck up, and become an occational b****, and the men will fawn over you!! lol. WHY IS THAT, GUYS??!!