For Me, Half of This Are Lies, But..

I am sweet, lovely, friendly, and kissable! The rest, NOT! But I wanted to join this group, because of it's very LONG title! It's hilarious! XD

Who knew that EP groups could have such long titles? It's neat! :-D

Don't worry... I have not gone vain! I'm just joining in the madness here! =p

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3 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Aww... it never let me add such a long title. Hmm :-?<br />
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It's great you think so. There's a fine line between vanity and self-worth.... but self-worth is extremely important. I wish I thought this of myself.

It is funny and catchy!

You go shadow - I think these fit you -- your wit, humor. You always keep me laughing!! I want to see a pic!!