Recognition At Last ...

Thank heavens that there is finally a group on EP that I can truly identify with ... totally accurate and describes me perfectly ... although the creator did leave out "modest" which is my best feature above all.

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49 Responses Mar 7, 2010

I'd say so too jollyroger ... <br />
<br />
great minds think alike justwonderingif.

I joined the group just because I liked the title, too. lol

yes, go be the perfect domestic goddess ... quick!!

well I already knew that jm ... thanks for stopping by just to remind me!!

lol ... well it made me smile anyway Roxanne! thanks!

At last, well deserved recognition WIB,,,, :-)

thank you hammerhead!

Thanks WIB

got it in one cheryl!!!

definitely mother !!

Afriend4U2: Those are great attributes to have. <br />
<br />
<br />
Right WIB?

you could be right Afriend4U2 ... perhaps that's why EP won't let you go!

I don't think we can solve the mystery either. Oh well. Life goes on.

yes, it's a puzzle ... thanks for commenting guys ...

Me either. <br />
<br />
So that is why I tried to create group titles that are under 60 characters.

Maybe - or maybe they worked out a way around it that I haven't figured out yet!

Yes. It's very strange. Maybe the creator created this group before the characters limits. What do you think?

let the snickering begin!! :D

yes, go for it ... who would dare to disagree with you anyhow!?

hehe....and sit back to hear the snickering of my circle!! **click**

go on, go on Sunni ... you know you want to ... lol

fun reading!! **resisting temptation to click 'me too'** ;)

haha - yes modesty is my middle name Orchid ... <br />
<br />
it's very strange isn't it mother? I can't work out how they did it.

You mean over 60 characters. Neat trick.

Thank you mother - but see what I mean about the group title? how did they do that?

Yes. So fitting group for you.

where is "here" forum? lol

thanks mizz - so are you sweetie - (how's the ego doing? - perhaps you should join this group!)

You are all these things and more, blissy:)

thank you jrh - sweet of you to comment - it's all very tongue in cheek but fun nonetheless!!

A funny, and accurate, self-assessment sweetie!

aw thanks josie ... I just couldn't resist this group ... just for the sheer length of the title if nothing else!!

Whew!!!!! That's a mouthful.<br />
<br />
WIB, yes you are ALL that and more!

haha eugel - I shall try to be more positive in future!!

Don't be so down on yourself, I'm sure you have some good qualities too!

Well I didn't make it up jiggy - but I just couldn't resist it!!

What a title, if you are really all that, then I would like to meet you.

haha - luckily I'm just kidding polly - thanks for being so kind!! hugs to you too

yes - it's a sad state of affairs when we have to sing our own praises though polly - lol - doesn't sound quite so good when you say it yourself!!

yes amy - it's worth joining the group just to show off the title!!

wib,i agree,this fits u.many hugs*<br />
<br />
im suprised how someone wrote such big title for group

thank you luv - don't laugh - this is deadly serious - I really am that perfect.

WIB, I have known this about you all along. ROFL

definitely dreamvoyeur - only narcissists are allowed through the door!!

it wasn't me roj - I didn't set it up - but it was obviously MADE for me!!<br />
<br />
yes lilly - cute isn't it - and just made for the likes of us!!

I want to know how linda got such a long EP group title in???

haha ... thanks reece and ptman - I'm glad you recognise my qualities too ...<br />
<br />
Yes michelle - it's our outstanding modesty which is so remarkable.

they sure did create this group just for you sweety.

HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE I think this one fits your perfectly WIB