Emotionally Distressed

So, distressed that I got this Shingles out of Emotional Distress. Being a Thrird wife is no joke..
I felt like I am being punished for whatever mistakes my Husband has done in the past. Everything we have now
is still dragged down by the issues in the past..I want to move forward but these Women wont...I am praying they will get their own men
and move on and would just not use these kids to hurt my husband coz i know how he loves them all...

I am battling my own battles in dealing with all of these and trying to get over these Shingles thats been bothering me really Bad..
I am not supposed to get this considering I am so young to have it....No one to talk to and just coming accross this board gives me some kind of an outlet...I know no one will judge me..
SuperMomma7 SuperMomma7
Feb 22, 2011