My husbands ex does things to get me pissed at him and I just wish he would stop doing the stuff.

-She asked him to video an event, b/c she didn't know how to use her video on her phone. But their 5year old had just told me his mommy was coming and was going to video the whole thing. He video'd but fought with me then didn't give it to her and she never asked for it.

-She saw him taking a photo with his son and she jumped into the photo saying take a pic of mommy n daddy. But he didn't do anything to stop it. And I wasn't there.

We've only been married 6 months and this stuff is getting to me. I feel disrespected and I'm having a hard time respecting him because I know damn well if I was in his situation I'd have the balls to stand up against my ex's BS, and I'd go home to proudly tell him how I stood up to the situation.
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UPDATE: he is so ******* awesome now. He has opened his eyes and now sees what I've been telling him. Yay