Being a traveling constuction worker I have been all over this country.I have seen places most people never even think of.It's diversity of scenery,climate and people fascinate me.Having been ill for quite a while now has shown me how much I miss going to new places and even returning to familiar ones.

Some people I'm sure prefer the comfortable sanctuary of their home town and family,but I love seeing what is around the next curve in the road.

I've seen the sun rise over the Atlantic ocean and seen it set into the Pacific.I've been in the mountains,the desert and on the prairies.Been in the big cities and the small towns noone ever heard of.The north,the south,the east and the west.

I've met people everywhere I've gone.Black,white,indian,hawaiian, and everyone in between.These people can perform tasks that most would never believe.They have learned to survive and thrive using what was avaliable to them.

Each part of this land has it's own rhythm and pace.You have to listen to hear it but it is there.

America I have been a fortunate individual indeed to have gotten to know you.

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1 Response Jan 31, 2007

I have always wanted to travel. I am only 20 so I still can.