New Mexico

I thought I would write about some of the places I have been and thought I would start here.

I have worked on several jobs in New Mexico,all in the southern part of the state.It is a place of many contrasts.While our work was done in the desert,less than fifty miles away were a range of heavily forested mountains.One stretch of road climbs almost five thousand feet in altitude in sixteen miles.Along this highway the temperature may change as much as thirty degrees in those sixteen miles.

I have been to the site where the first atomic bomb was exploded and stood where history was made.Out in the desert there are places where you cannot see one sign of civilization.It is like being in a time warp.

In some of the cities there are still buildings from the period when the area was under spanish control.Others have historic places of the old west.

The diversity of the people is wide as well.There being Mexicans,Apache indians and even a large colony of Germans at an air base.

There is a different pace to life there than where I originally came from.Many different foods to try and they are prepared differently.People are outdoor oriented and work hard.

I found the place beautiful and could feel the sense of history.Some would be uncomfortable and miss some of the city comforts.

While I found things weren't always easy there it was an exciting adventure. 



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If I ever came to America - I would like you to be my guide.