Ugly Duckling

I am the ugliest in my home I am 12 and i feel like i dont belong.My sister is pretty my lil brother is cute and dad is kind of handsome but i got the tall gene and fat gene and it makes me really sad and i wonder why god would make me this way. I asked my brother if he thought i was fat and ugly he said that i was a little fat and kind of ugly and that hurt me really badly he asked if i was ok i said yea but inside my heart broke and i was silently crying.When i look in the mirror i want to say thats not me,but i cant because it is me in the mirror that person looking at me is me.I try to give myself hope like you can workout do sports to lose that weight but what about know what about those people who call me fat and ugly i talk to myself and wonder what if im just going to stay ugly for the rest of my life i feel like its all my fault im ugly and fat my friend is 1yr younger and had 7 boyfriends in her past life time and i had none i was that tall girl in the back while everyone was 3 ft tall i was 4 ft feeling like the giant they say imbrace your self but you cant do that if you hate your self my 3 wishes would be get pretty, lose 60lb and be popular nothing else
Cwilm Cwilm
13-15, F
Dec 11, 2012