Why Do I Have To Be Me

Hi im a really outgoing person but that doesnt me enything if your not pretty.I have been alive for the past 12 yrs and have not once gotton asked out (unless it was a dare) and i feel like im just abnormal.I was always that tall girl in the back who no one likes as a gf on the other hand my friends have ppl crushing on them and have skinny bodies while im over here just fat and ugly. I wish I was skinny if i could be i would rock it no one likes me and no one will ever like me my sister never had a bf and shes in 11 grade she not even ugly shes just not very not very outgoing if i was her i would work it but im that freakishly tall girl who has no boobs or bf im just soooo ugly and i wonder why god did you make me this way you say you make everyone for a perpose but why did you make me
Cwilm Cwilm
13-15, F
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

Ok, look, I know how you must feel, but hey, really, you'll change, what you look like at 14 isn't at all what you look like at 20. Take it from someone who's spent a lifetime looking at girls :-) You may be "too tall" because the boys around you haven't grown yet, you know they mature later, right? And did you know that a professional model has to be at least 5'10" or most agencies won't even interview her?And another thing, there's much more to beauty than measurements, and much more to love than beauty. Many of your conventionally shaped friends will never grow the strong and beautiful spirit than so unfortunately is forged only in the flames of despair. It sounds like I'm trivializing yours, but I'm not, not at all. The strength you are acquiring through your struggle will serve you well when you finally realize your own beauty. The imperishably brilliant diamond takes much time and starts with lumpy coal. You are that diamond, that perfect crystal glowing with its own light. Persevere. You will find your happiness where and when you least expect it. The surprise is part of the fun.