My Sister The Popular One And Me...

Don't get me wrong, I love my Sister, with all my heart, she's always been there for me and supported me, she's nice and funny and we have such amazing memories together... the one thing that I hate is that she's beautiful and I'm not. She's always getting the fitt ones, they talk and flirt and smile at her when they don't even give me a second look. She's even had a stalker because she's so beautiful! I keep to myself most of the time, as my sister never stops having the spotlight on her, everyone loves her, everyone prefers her, she is the beautiful sister whereas I may pass for average.:
I know I shouldn't feel like that, when I talkc to my friends about this, they immediately brush it off and tell me that I don't feel like it, that I'm pretty... I'm sorry, but I don't want to be pretty, I want to be my Sister, I want to be popular and beautiful and smart and funny, the one people go to for advise. I WANT TO BE HER. I've felt like this my whole like.... well maybe 10 years or so <- as I'm only 16! I haven't really had a full life yet!!:L

I don't want to be me, I want to be her. <3
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1 Response Sep 9, 2011

Why would you want to be anybody but yourself? Everybody is unique! So what you want to be pretty so that everybody likes you? Come on! I, personally never found beauty quite useful besides the fact that it gives you easy social acceptance. However, beauty doesn't cure cancer, but intelligence opens doors. I think you should concentrate on other things rather than trying to "be" your sister. You don't like the way you are, improve things about yourself to love yourself. Because if you don't love who you are, no one will. It starts with you.