Ugly To Bone Lol?

well my older sister who is nineteen is beautiful. im on the other hand is straight out ugly. well she has a nice cute small face, nice hair, thin body and big eyes l while i have a long face, no curves and well ugly. i get people all the time from school behind my back say mean suff like oh her sister so beautiful, what happened? and so on. my mom when shes mad at me tells me theres nothing i can do to change how ugly i am, and my sister who i used to be so closed to relized how better she was than me so she stopped talking to me. anyways as we got older i thought i might grow out of it but she just got better looking while i stayed the same. there was one time were i had this crush on this boy and i think he did for me too but one day my sister came to the school and after that he stopped taking the stairs i did, he stopped being were i was and it just hurt alot. anyways i just wanted to share to tell people that im going through it too.

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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

Don't tell yourself that you are ugly :( Ignore those who tell you such mean and rude things! The first step to true beauty is accepting yourself!! People who may look beautiful dont have true beauty inside them. Accept everything about yourself, both your flaws and your best features. If you want change or enhance yourself, change for the better of yourself, but always remember who you are! Their are people out their who think you are BEAUTIFUL! :D If you ever want to talk I am always here to help!