How Bad Can It Get?....


I have known people wishing they could be someone else or they could choose the family where they would want to get born. Nothing wrong with it but do you know what struggles they might be facing? Recently one of my close friend wished she had my life, i have no blue what made her wish for something like that....she doesn't know my story.

I don't wish for anything but for my parents to know and accept me for what i am. Why would they want to change me? After all that's how they raised me! There's a saying that parents understands you better than anyone else could. Maybe they do but then what's wrong with my parents or maybe somethings seriously wrong with me. I'm sure I'm not adopted and i have spent 7 days to try to figure out the reason. I couldn't find any. I must have done something inhumane for them to give me those looks but i am clueless. On the surface i get everything you can think of- education,money,food, etc but there's this little place in my heart that says every night- that's not deserve deserve thelove. That's all i wish for. THEIR LOVE, HOW COSTLY CAN IT REALLY BE?

S really hope things get better for me.....AFTERALL HOW BAD CAN IT GET?
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I'm in your shoes, at times I cannot relate to my family. I feel I'm a 'misfit' in the family, but then, I try to forgive them by accepting myself and being kinder to myself. Although its sad not feeling loved, however, if you seek it externally you will always be miserable. You can't change others unfortunately, but you can change yourself.

If you feel you are missing love then do not seek for explanations in every move or word of your parents. Love is easy and beautiful and nourishing. If it is there you do not need to look out for it all the time. Do not get crazy about your feelings. When you feel lack of love then it is your right to feel this way. But I, personally, love people who are yearning for love, who know how it is not to be loved, and I immediately want to give them my love. So I hug you. Stay strong! I hope you will soon find love in your life. You are young. Still, I do not want to say bad things about your parents - they may be just like so many other people in this world: detached from their deeper feelings. There is so much love around you. See the good God gives you every day. Do not questions your feelings, that will make you strong. Another hug from me!

Thank you :-) i can't explain how good it feels when people who don't even know you personally ,understands your feelings....i so much needed to be hugged..

I really never felt, that my parents loved me. They worked hard to survey, they gave as food and some clothes. I yearned for love all my live. Love is for me a felling, that you are in someones heart. You know, that someone is happy, that you are alive. It is joy to meet each-other ayes and enjoy each-other presence. Everything is simple, when you feel loved.

If they support and care for you, I'm sure that's their way to show love without expressing it through words. Not every parent is perfect showing love for their kids but they do it in their own form of way.