Oh Yes.

I will probably not talk to your first. Ever. I'll sit silently on my little piece of the world...and I'll watch you all. Like one studies an ant farm. I notice patterns in behaviors and actions and reactions...all set apart. All filed away somewhere in my mind. Now and again someone will approach me. I will speak plainly..and clearly. I will be suspicious. I always am of the people who seek me out.

I am most assuredly weird. Those who stick around long enough to find out realize their first impression was probably right.

If we get along....who knows? Perhaps I'll show them a different way to see the world. Mayhap they'll also teach me a thing or two. It will then endure, or ties will be broken.

..and so on and so forth. A myriad web of interactions that repeats itself infinitely (or as close as we can understand infinity...)....

However, my role as the weird quiet girl remains unchanged.
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2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

i rated this to 13 my favorite number of them all but a great story

I like the way you put this. I am not a girl, nor am I always quiet but you described much of how I have lived my life in regard to other people.