Uh, Yah...

I've always been the weird and quiet girl... since age 6. I am still odd and silent, when I first meet people. So, first impressions of me is always that I am boring... or stuck up... or that I find the person who is talking boring! None of these are true! =p

But, once I come out of my shell and get closer with a person... I am still weird, but I chat a bit more. Just a bit! ;-)

I may be a bit weird, but that's what makes me interesting! And I seem to like to make friends with weird people too! You know who you are, guys and girls! Weird rules! :-D

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1 Response Feb 18, 2009

I have always been very very quiet. When I was in my teen I had the added pleasure of blushing brightly when I was spoken to. That made me feel pretty wierd. Ho Hum!