Strange Bitchy Outcast

I am the one who is laughed at and put down.  I am an outcast.  I am the quiet girl in the corner twiddling her thumbs.  My time is spent thinking about things, like, wondering what is wrong with me.  They call me the quiet girl to my face.  I hate it, because they don't know me.  They obviously don't want to know me, either.  I don't forgive, or trust easily at all.  I am always the last person to be talked to.  I have no friends.  They just stare and wonder about me.  They only talk to me because they feel bad.  I get angry and always walk away without a word.  I am the mysterious girl that disappears silently in a flash when you aren't expecting it.  I claim to be able to read minds.  Therefore,  am a quiet, weird girl.

18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 17, 2010

It is very bittersweet.

i was exactly like you in high school, i used to hate it but like it at the same time, now, i really like being that way... and laugh about how it worried me

nothing wrong with being quiet or weird...everyone is kind of strange or rather do strange things. embrace your weirdness, least it's you.