Always Have Been Quiet!!

its something that ive never been able to get rid of!! ive been shy all my life, its who i am, i dont even think i want to change!! its a lonely life, but its a life im comfortable with!! im the weird guy that sits in the corner when out socialising (which i rarely do) and people always seem to think that im just sitting there feeling sorry for myself, but im not, its just the only way i know how to deal with socialising in a big group of people!!
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7 Responses Jul 14, 2010

me too, I agree with not wanting to change that much either and of course, if I'm ever alone and not with everybody I'm not feeling sorry for myself either, I just don't like them or feel like we have anything we can discuss at all. We are so similar :)

it does sound perfect lol, and it would be even more perfect with *floydess* with us too!! : )

yes, we could just sit and keep each other company!! at least i wouldnt feel so lonely then!!! : )

ya 4 sure. last semester i had a professor that told me she felt sorry for me because i "looked lonely" during clinicals. Truth to be told, i was exhausted (i worked full time and attended college full time), and was trying to concentrate on writing data for my report to keep from falling over from lack of sleep. She was way off..when she told me i just had to laugh in her face.

i know lol!!! its just a pain when you get people who accuse you of just sitting in the corner feeling sorry for yourself, and you have to tell them that your not!!!

If thats who you are, and you're happy with it, then why change? Theres nothing wrong with being the shy guy in the corner

i know a lot of people just like you lol!!! i like people like you, cos it means that you can do all the talking, so i dont have to say so much!! lol