Over In The Corner

Well I probably wouldn't be at the party in the first place and if I was nobody would notice me. I'd be sitting in the corner not saying a word, but I do know one thing.....I would be learning an awful lot about people...watching, observing, hearing, contemplating. So much one gathers that they would otherwise miss if it wasn't for being the quiet guy.

I'd be a dead give away for most people though when spoken too---way to philsophical, analytical, intelligent. So most at a party would be repulsed and I'd be back in solitude. One day hopefully a smart intelligent kinky gal comes my way and then I won't notice anybody else as we become wrapped up in each others worlds and time will fly by like nobodies business until we are one of the last ones there. Time to find out if this kewl intelligent gal is also kinky.....passionate....intimate
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Jul 20, 2010