I came across this because I am a part of another part of the experience project...its not something most people dont get, so please don't judge to harshly when you find out ok. 

Any way, my honey is a long haul truck driver. I love this man soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, but do not know anyone who gets what I go through being his other half, we are not yet married, he proposed when he came home for a couple days for Thanksgiving. I so want to meet others in my situation, but where I live...well there are quite a few of us, but none like me...see, I live in the south (recently moved here) and they sooooo do not like us being a "mixed" couple, so no one wants to talk to me. I hope to find more liberal and up to date women on here. If i get some replies to this, I will give more info about me/us.

Thanks so much


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I drive, too... Thankfully, my wife and I had many long years together before I got into driving, so, all the desires were waning a bit, but I don't envy a young lustful couple having to go through the separations that come with this lifestyle, let alone having to deal with to deal with issues of a mixed race marriage.. I've lived in the South, and race slapped me in the face, too (I'm Irish-American, if you catch my drift...), but it was this new evil (reverse discrimination + politically correct BS) that caught me up side of the head... Anyway, this thread is ancient, so I hope by now that things have gotten better, or that you've taken to the road with your trucker, leaving all those "little minds" in your rearview...

I think that blocked out ignorance is a shame, however it is the region that you live in. you are your own person, this is your life and know one else’s, people that still rely on ethnic boundaries will fall behind like a special ed kid in math class. Push the boundaries never apologize and move forward, backwater is a handicap, thank god you are not handy capped.