Military Wife

So here I am a wild child hippy, married to a soldier. He's my exact opposite in so many ways but you know what they say about opposites. Still, life is so hard with him. I wish things could be simple the way they were back in highschool but life seems to be trying to drown me in an endless sea of mindscrewed soldier problems. He is military police in the airforce and he takes his job so seriously. I am proud of him but sometimes I wish that he could put family before career. We can be so good together and then he gets angry. Always, he reverts to anger at the slightest inconvenience. I am worried about him. He was never like this before he went to Iraq. He refuses to speak to anyone about his ptsd problems and they are festering more and more as the days go by.I will be so glad when I am rid of this hell hole of a military base and can feel free again.

I have been here for close to nine months and have not been able to make a single friend. I just can't relate to people who devote their lives to violence, and women who can't stop having babies if Jesus himself told them to stop. The breed like bunny rabbits on steroids and think that everyone should have a child as if a baby is a common household item that everyone should have. I am only 18. I am so not ready to be having babies.

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Very intensive story... <br />
It seems like you are giving up too much of your yought as such. <br />
Anyway: the wargame is a universal crime. It seems we "need" it, but it is the exact opposite of anything human beeings SHOULD need. It is institutionalised perversion...